The Centre for Renewable Energy (CREN) was established in 2018 to implement and stimulate renewable energy projects at Machakos University. The Centre was established to develop the much-needed human capacity (technical training) in the country, to promote and advance innovation in the field of renewable energy technologies, as well as to generate and disseminate knowledge (awareness).

Currently, the Centre serves as a focal point for renewable energy projects with the support of an annual grant administrated by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and International partners. CREN is seeking accreditation by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) and recognition by Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) as a training Centre for renewable energy short-courses.

Vision Statement

To achieve excellence in developing alternative energy sources, training, research, and stimulating innovation and enterprise in the field of renewable energy technology.

Mission Statement

Facilitate cutting-edge solutions to energy challenges, research, development activities and human capacity development in the field of renewable energy technology.

Strategic Objectives

Core Objective

To contribute towards establishment of modern renewable energy plants in Kenya as alternative energy sources.

Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes

(1) Research

(a) Identify, formulate and propose joint research projects

(b) Conduct research, as contract research or academic research projects

(c) Publish results in theses, reports, papers and articles

(2) Consultancy

Specialist consulting, e.g. feasibility studies and assessments

Technology evaluation

Policy advice for the University and public sector on renewable technologies

Supervise research and coursework postgraduate students

(3) Training

CREN responsibility

The Centre for Renewable Energy (CREN) seeks to:

(1)     Develop fundamental science and enabling technologies leading to the demonstration of Renewable Energy Technologies;

(2)     Foster appreciation, innovation and technology in the production and utilization of Renewables as alternative sources of energy;

(3)     Educate a new workforce for the coming green-energy based economy.

(4) Workshops, specialized and in-house short courses

(5) Awareness

(5) Forums, open days, lectures

(6) Offer short courses (as part of the academic modules)